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Even with regular exercise, many men find that their pectoral muscles are smaller and less defined than they would like.

When this occurs, pectoral augmentation – through implants or a fat transfer – can create a more sculpted and attractive appearance.

What is pectoral augmentation?

Pectoral augmentation is performed to enhance the size, shape and appearance of the pec muscles. It can be done by placing implants or injecting your own body fat into the area.

There are many benefits associated with enhancing the body in this way, including:

  • Create the appearance of more developed pectoral muscles
  • Improve your self-esteem and body confidence
  • Continue to work out normally after surgery

Are you a candidate?

The typical candidate for pectoral augmentation is a man who:

  • Is unable to achieve the chest development he desires with exercise alone
  • Wants to enhance the shape, size and feel of his pectoral muscles
  • Expects a realistic improvement – not perfection – from the procedure

Pectoral augmentation What to expect during surgery

Your pectoral augmentation will be done on an outpatient basis. The specifics of the procedure will depend on whether you’re having implants placed, or a fat transfer performed. In some cases, we will use both techniques – first placing an implant to emphasize the pectoral muscles and then transferring fat to further refine the results.

Pectoral implants are typically placed under general anesthesia. First, we will create the incisions in the armpit and form a pocket beneath each muscle that is large enough to accommodate the implants the same way it is done with our female patients with breast augmentation.

We will then place the implants and adjust them for symmetry, before closing the incisions with sutures and placing a compression garment over the area to support your new contours. In many cases, we will also perform gentle liposuction for a more comprehensive transformation.

A fat transfer is another highly effective way to enhance the pectoral muscles. It involves first performing liposuction on another area of the body to harvest fat for the procedure. This is often done on the abdomen or love handles. We will then clean and purify the fat before transferring it to enhance your chest muscles.

After countless hours at the gym, pectoral augmentation can finally make your ideal body a reality. To begin planning your procedure, please contact our Del Mar or Coronado office today and schedule a consultation.

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