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Men and women experience facial aging differently. At Esthetica, we understand the unique aesthetic challenges men face when it comes to growing older – and we know how to help them look and feel their best at every life stage.

How the natural aging process affects men

The natural process of growing older inevitably changes your facial appearance. Over time, the tissues in your cheeks and neck falls and the skin loses its youthful elasticity, resulting in wrinkles, creases and jowls.

For many men, these changes can affect their confidence and sense of self. Fortunately, a male facelift can help you combat these effects and preserve your youthful identify for many years to come.

What can a facelift do for you?

When performing male facelifts, our goal is to create a healthy and naturally youthful face, while preserving your masculinity.

When done correctly, this procedure can:

  • Lighten heavy jowls
  • Tighten sagging facial skin
  • Smooth away creases and wrinkles
  • Restore a younger and more vibrant look that lasts for years

Are you ready for a facelift?

We all age differently. As such, there is no perfect time to have a facelift. If your face looks older than you feel, and you want to address lax skin, wrinkles,

creases and folds, you may be ready. During your consultation, we will closely evaluate your areas of concern and help you determine if a facelift is in your best interest.

The procedure: What to expect during your facelift

Your facelift will be done under general anesthesia, which means you will be unconscious and unable to feel any pain or discomfort throughout the experience. To begin, we will create small, discreet incisions in front of and behind your ear.

Through those openings, we will lift and tighten the underlying muscular system beneath the surface of your skin. This will remodel the deep facial fat and reposition your underlying tissues to ensure natural, long-lasting results.

From there, we will remove excess skin and restore your youthful contours. If necessary, we will also perform a facial fat transfer to replenish lost volume.

Once your youthful appearance has been restored, we will close the incisions, bandage the area, and transfer you to the recovery room. We will then monitor you closely before sending you home to begin the healing process.

The recovery

After your facelift procedure, some bruising, swelling and pain is to be expected. These effects can be managed by keeping your head elevated, resting often, and taking your pain medication as directed.

In about one week, you will need to return to the office so that we can remove your stitches. The swelling and discoloration should subside within fourteen days, and you will feel ready to return to your normal daily routine in about two to three weeks.

A male facelift can rediscover your youthful appearance, without compromising your rugged, masculine identity. To begin planning your procedure, please contact our Del Mar or Coronado office today and schedule a consultation.

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