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At Esthetica, we are known for our impeccable non-surgical facelift results. A highly-effective alternative to surgery, this custom treatment can address wrinkles, sun damage and lost facial volume – temporarily taking years off your appearance.

What is a non-surgical facelift?

In the past, achieving a more youthful facial appearance required a traditional facelift – with anesthesia, incisions and a recovery period. Today, our La Jolla clients have the option of turning back the clock temporarily with a non-surgical approach.

Non-surgical facelift involves a custom blend of treatments that are designed to revitalize your face.

Depending on your unique needs, we can use an array of dermal fillers, BOTOX injections, and Ultherapy treatments to:

  • Subtly tighten the skin
  • Restore lost facial volume
  • Augment aging cheekbones
  • Soften facial wrinkles and lines
  • Smooth away marionette lines and nasolabial folds
  • Refine your jaw and minimize the appearance of early jowls

The benefits

  • The procedure is completely tailored to your aesthetic needs and goals
  • Simple and straight-forward in-office treatment experience
  • Preserve your natural facial features and structures
  • Beautiful, natural-looking results
  • A gentle, non-surgical approach

FAQ: How long will my results last?

It’s important to note that non-surgical facelift treatments produce temporary improvements. As such, you will need routine maintenance appointments moving forward to preserve your new look. With that said, your results won’t fade immediately. Depending on the products used, your results can endure for several months.

How to prepare for your treatment

Because your non-surgical facelift will be completely customized, you will need to schedule a consultation at our medical spa before your appointment to discuss the specifics of your treatment.

During that meeting, we will collect detailed information about your aesthetic concerns and goals so that we can compose a treatment plan that is in your best interest.

The non-surgical facelift: What to expect during your treatment experience

When you arrive at our San Diego area medical spa for your non-surgical facelift, we will guide you to one of our private treatment rooms.

From there, we review the treatment plan with you. Depending on your needs, your appointment may include the following approaches:

Dermal fillers

During your non-surgical facelift, we will likely place a custom blend of dermal fillers beneath the skin. With an array of products, we can fill in hollow areas, augment sagging cheeks, smooth nasolabial folds and smile lines, plump thinning lips, and more.

BOTOX injections

BOTOX injections will be administered if you have dynamic wrinkles—such as crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, or lines between the eyebrows. The treatment temporarily paralyzes the underlying muscles that are causing your lines, thus softening the wrinkles on the skin’s surface.


Ultherapy is a powerful, non-invasive way to elevate your skin from the inside out. A vital part of most non-surgical facelifts, it tightens and lifts aging skin on the neck, chin and brow by replenishing your body’s natural supply of collagen and elastin.

Your entire non-surgical facelift experience will take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete. No anesthesia is required and you should not feel any substantial pain or discomfort. Immediately after your appointment,

you will be free to return to work and resume your normal daily routine right away. You will notice an immediate improvement in your appearance, and your results will continue to progress over the next several months.

A non-surgical facelift can help you turn back the clock – without the need for surgery. To begin planning for your transformation, please contact our office today and schedule a consultation with our staff.

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