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Cosmetic (and Medical) Tattooing is the process of depositing tiny micro-implantations of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. Fading does and will occur requiring periodic touch-ups (usually 1-4 years). The desired look is achieved by the collaboration of the client/ patient and the skilled cosmetic tattoo professional.

The benefits are appreciated by both men and women and those who suffer from alopecia, poor vision, tremors, scarring and cosmetic allergies along with those active individuals with busy schedules. The purpose is to enhance one’s features and to frame the face leaving the individual with a natural look and a feeling of confidence and well-being.

Barbara is a C.R.N.A. (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) and a C.P.C.P. (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional). She obtained both her R.N. and Anesthesia degrees in Boston, Massachusetts. Since relocating to San Diego in 1985, she has been working as a Senior Nurse Anesthetist on staff at a major medical center in San Diego. During this time, she also worked as a Nurse Legal Consultant and Expert Witness in the medical field of anesthesia while obtaining a degree in Healthcare Administration, graduating Cum Laude from Chapman College in 1991. She trained in permanent cosmetic tattooing in 1999 and opened her own business at that time.

By combining her background in medicine, skin care and art, Barbara is able to apply her technical and artistic skills to her work providing her clients with lasting and natural looking results. She designs natural, hair-stroke appearing eyebrows that are designed for each individual‚ facial morphology (shape), beautiful eyeliners that can be subtle or more dramatic emphasizing the eyes, and the enhancement of lips by adding more color and definition to the line and shape.

Barbara is respected and well regarded in San Diego by both medical fields of dermatology and plastic surgery and receives many client referrals from them. In addition, many of her clients from the past 20 years have referred friends and family members to her for their cosmetic needs.


The eyebrow remains the single most important feature of the face by not only framing the face but also by varying a character’s facial expressions. The raised eyebrow expresses amazement or admiration. They can indicate that we are deep in thought or growing impatient. Thick eyebrows express strength and determination while non-existent or thin eyebrows give the impression that a person is self-effacing. Permanent cosmetics can enhance the eyebrows by bringing out their natural line or by “dressing” them up, always remembering not to upset the face’s natural appearance.

Do you find that your eyebrows come off during the day or that the line you applied is crooked or uneven. Do you have only half an eyebrow, no eyebrow at all or that you can’t apply them without your eye glasses which get in the way? You’re not alone! For these reasons and many more, both men and women are discovering that permanent eyebrows are perfect for them.

Utilizing a natural hair-like stroke, your eyebrow can be recreated from filling in holes that are present within the eyebrow to designing a more complimentary design for you face.

Eyebrows bring life to the eyes and expression to the face. Often neglected and ignored by even the most well-groomed person, the eyebrows deserve as much attention, if not more, than the eyes and lips because of their ability to create a face with expression and feeling.

“Barbara, I can’t thank you enough for the gift you have given me in my new eyebrows! I love them and my husband thinks that I look 10 years younger! Thank you!!”



From the beginning of time, the eye has been the symbol of the soul and has reflected the heart of all human things. The magic of the eyes is truly extraordinary!

Apart from desiring well-lined and made up eyes and the wish to avoid time-wasting activities such as “touch-ups” throughout the day, some reasons for having your eyes tattooed are….. your eyelashes are too fair, you have sparse or missing lashes, your eyes frequently run in the wind, cold, sunlight or when you are ill, you suffer from dry eyes, you cannot see what you are doing without your eyeglasses or your hand is not always steady.

Some options to enhance your eyes would be:

A lash-liner involves tattooing tiny dots between the lashes imitating growing eyelashes. The lash-liner is the ideal solution for those who wish to have their eyes look as natural as possible but with some definition. This technique is great for men who would like to have their eyes enhanced.

The eyeliner, whether it is applied above, below or both, will make your eyes look larger and brighter. It can be applied discreetly, or more dramatically utilizing the “almond-shape” design.

Eyeliner can be applied in different styles and colors depending on your preference and the recommendation of the permanent cosmetic professional. Whatever look you choose, you will wake up, shower, exercise, go to work and then go to bed always looking your best!

“Barbara, thank you for your caring and professional service toward me. You made me so comfortable and confident in your abilities. The proof is in the face that you have given me with eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips!! You’re the best!”



Are you tired of reapplying your lipstick and lip liner repeatedly during the day? Do the current all day lipstick brands make your lips dry or chapped? Would you like more definition to your lips, fuller lips or correct an asymmetrical lip? Or do you just wish that you had more of the color back in your lips that you had when you were younger?

Full, well-colored lips are the supreme symbol of femininity and the power to seduce. Women, as well as men, are only too well aware of this! To show their lips at their best, women have always practiced the art of makeup. It is effective, but unfortunately you have to keep reapplying it.

Permanent lip color may just be for you! Lip liner can be applied to give more definition, correct uneven lips, or add fullness to the lip border.

The procedure will help to prevent lipstick from “bleeding” when applied over the lip tattoo and can help to minimize the appearance of fine lines around the lip area. Full lip color can be applied to provide a natural hue or a more vivid color to the lip. You can wear your lip color alone or apply different shades of lipstick over it for a more dramatic look.

When we enhance a woman’s lips with permanent makeup, we know that to her it is more than a mere detail. Her self-image is improved and her lips become more sensuous, youthful and a vital feature of her face.

“Barbara, you have worked miracles on my small, thin lips without actually enlarging them with fillers. The definition that I now have makes my lips look fuller and more vibrant. Thank you so much! I love what you’ve done!”


The finishing touches to breast reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer are applied to the reconstructed nipple and breast approximately 6 weeks out from surgery. The nipple and areola tattooing procedure offers a more cost effective, time efficient and less invasive option when compared to skin grafting and surgical options.

Nipple and areola restoration is considered a paramedical procedure and is covered (if only partially) by insurance companies. The reconstructed breast is tattooed to give the appearance of a normal and natural appearing nipple and areola. When this is performed by a skilled cosmetic tattoo professional, the visible scars are minimized and the patient will view a normal appearing breast when she looks at herself in the mirror. This is important in both her psychological and emotional recovery after having been through the stress and trauma of major surgery for cancer.

These benefits apply, also, to patients who have had breast lifts (mastopexy) or breast reductions with resultant distorted areola complexes and to women who lack areola color and desire a more defined shape and more color to their areolas. When performed by a skilled professional, micro-pigmentation will provide the illusion of a nipple projection and a normal appearing areola complex.

“I thought that having my areolas tattooed was not going to make a big difference in how I feel about myself after having experienced breast cancer, but I am so glad that I went ahead and had them done. Now, when I look at myself in the mirror, I look and feel like a normal woman again. Thank you for giving me back my self-esteem!”


Scar Camoflage

Scar camouflage is considered a complex pigmenting tattoo procedure. It often requires several applications of pigment and the utilization of different techniques with the blending of colors into an abnormal skin tissue in order to achieve a more natural appearance and less obvious scar. It doesn’t matter how the scar got there. Some scars are white in color and others are pink or red. For the best result, a hypo-pigmented (white or without color) scar will provide the best canvas and best result for camouflaging. As all scars heal, they go through several color changes with some scars healing in a reddish, brownish or bluish undertone (dependent upon the patient’s skin tone).

This paramedical procedure encompasses several procedures and the patient must be willing and accepting of the time and monetary commitment. The final result may take from 6 months to one or two years to complete depending on the size and texture of the scar, skin tone, color and other variables.

The bottom line is that scar camouflaging is an art, and if accepted by the patient, will aide the patient in regaining self-esteem and self-confidence. The time and monetary commitment is a small price to pay for the ultimate benefits.

Cosmetic Tattooing in San Diego

“Thank you for helping the ugly scars from my surgery to disappear with your wonderful camouflaging technique. I don’t feel like people are staring at me now.”


“You have made such a difference in my life by your tattooing artistry and caring demeanor. After experiencing a burn trauma and multiple surgeries, I can now say that I feel comfortable in my own skin. Thank you!”


Cosmetic Tattooing in San Diego

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