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CoolSculpting is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction, reducing excess fat without damaging your skin. Using an FDA-approved technology called cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting freezes fat cells beneath the skin that are difficult to lose with diet or exercise. Once frozen, the fat cells are shed over time by the body, resulting in a leaner, more sculpted figure.

When diet and exercise don’t work: CoolSculpting.

Do you eat well and work out regularly to maintain your physique, but just can’t seem to reduce a fatty bulge in a problem area? Are you hoping to lose excess fat without surgery or liposuction? Esthetica of San Diego is the latest provider of CoolSculpting and wants to help freeze your fat away!

What is CoolSculpting?

Since 2017, this life-changing, fat-freezing technology has been performed on over 1 million happy people worldwide. You can achieve a leaner, more attractive physique without liposuction or surgery, and Esthetica of San Diego can create a CoolSculpting treatment plan to help you look and feel more attractive.

Freeze the Fat Away

What are the benefits of CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting can help you have a more attractive body. The benefits can include:

  • Non-invasive alternative to liposuction or other surgery.
  • Easy and basically painless procedure.
  • Reduction of fat cells.
  • Procedures available for multiple sites on the body.
  • Zero-to-minimal recovery time.
  • Sculpting on those stubborn-to-target areas of the body.
  • Increased confidence in your body image.

CoolSculpting technology works to treat just the fat cells, which freeze before other cells, so your body sheds fat cells on its own—for the long term. Treatments result in smoothly-contoured lines in the areas targeted in your CoolSculpting procedure, leading to results that last, in a fast and easy treatment.

What results can I expect?

With this incredible new technology, the destroyed fat cells that are flushed out of your body during a CoolSculpting procedure never return, leaving each treated area with fewer fat cells and a leaner look. CoolSculpting at Esthetica can provide the following results:

  • Loss of fat cells that don’t respond to diet or exercise.
  • A more sculpted body.
  • Leaner physique.
  • Reduction of a bulge in the midsection.
  • Trimmer arms or thighs.
  • Diminished love handles or belly folds.

As we all know, losing extra fat offers our bodies long-term health benefits, and leads to a significant increase in body confidence! And don’t underestimate the power of positive results: many of our clients report that they love the results of their CoolSculpting so much that their newly-sculpted bodies are a source of inspiration to continue to eat a healthy diet and engage in regular exercise.

Who are ideal candidates for CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is recommended for adult individuals who live a healthy lifestyle but want to drop some extra fat in any of the following areas:

  • Bulging abdomen
  • Fatty love handles
  • Flabby inner or outer thighs
  • Droopy upper arms
  • Back rolls
  • Fat on buttocks

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure meant to reduce fat; it is not a weight loss procedure. Ideal candidates for CoolSculpting can shed excess fat through the procedure, then maintain the slimmer figure through healthy diet and exercise. Ideal candidates are within approximately 30 pounds of their ideal weight and can use this procedure to target areas that are not responding to diet and exercise.

How does CoolSculpting work?

This FDA-approved technology is a non-invasive approach to fat loss. As it is a non-surgical option, no anesthesia is required. The CoolSculpting treatment device is simply placed over the area of the body with fatty deposits, with the area to be treated lightly suctioned into the device.

he treatment is fast and effective, typically no more than an hour. You may feel extreme cold and mild discomfort in the first few minutes as the CoolSculpting system begins its work, but the area quickly becomes numb as the cryolipolysis (freezing of the fat cells) begins. Once the procedure is over, you just return to your usual activities, whether work or play—no recovery time necessary!

How long does it take to see results after a CoolSculpting treatment?

You can anticipate seeing your CoolSculpting treatment results within the first three weeks after treatment, with full results after about two months. As the body continues to shed fat cells during the six months post-treatment, you may wish to schedule additional treatments in order to take full advantage the slimming effect of CoolSculpting.

The science of CoolSculpting

How many CoolSculpting procedures will I need?

Every person’s body is different, so your doctor at Esthetica of San Diego will work with you to design the right treatment for your specific needs. When targeting a specific area of the body, you may need to undergo between one and three CoolSculpting treatments to achieve the slimmed body you envision. You may choose to receive the procedure on several areas of the body which may require more than one CoolSculpting treatment.

While some people choose to add additional treatments as part of their maintenance plan post-procedure, many of our clients find that exercise and a well-balanced diet are the only tools they need to maintain their newly-sculpted bodies.

Potential side effects

As a non-surgical procedure, there are minimal risks associated with CoolSculpting treatments. You may feel slightly sore or experience some redness or swelling on the areas targeted by the procedure within the first two weeks after the treatment. Typically, no side effects are reported other than some slight numbing or bruising on the treatment areas. With such small risk of pain and no downtime, there is no need to modify your lifestyle or take pain medication in order to manage post-treatment, simply go about your day as your body does the work.

What is life like after CoolSculpting?

What happens after your CoolSculpting treatment is just as important as what happens during your treatment. As a fat loss, but not a weight-loss procedure, CoolSculpting helps to fast-track you to the body you want—without surgery, liposuction, or worries about recovery.

CoolSculpting destroys fat cells, which are then naturally flushed away by your body, so any area in which you receive the treatment will be slimmed. Not all fat cells in the area are gone, and if you gain weight, less fat appears in the area treated. For truly long-term results, diet and exercise will help you to maintain the slimmer physique you achieved with CoolSculpting.

Esthetica is a leading provider of CoolSculpting in the San Diego area. Get help from us to freeze your fat away. Del Mar patients and those from all over are trimming their figures with us!

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