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A fat transfer is an all-natural procedure that is designed to restore your youthful face. Using your own body fat as a filler, our plastic surgeons can replenish lost volume and reshape your facial contours.

Understanding facial volume loss

With age, the face adopts a sunken, wrinkled and weathered appearance. This is due in part to natural, age-related volume loss. Unfortunately, this process can make you look years older than you feel.

When this occurs, you generally have two options. You can fill in the hollow areas with dermal fillers or your own body fat. For patients who want a long-lasting outcome and are concerned about an adverse reaction to an artificial material, a facial fat transfer is the ideal solution.

What can a facial fat transfer do for you?

  • Replenish lost volume due to age
  • Smooth fine lines, wrinkles and furrows
  • Naturally and subtly enhance the face
  • Fill in certain facial scars
  • Augment thinning lips

The benefits

  • The results can last for years (longer than dermal fillers)
  • Appropriate for early and advanced signs of aging
  • Safe procedure with few risks

Are you a candidate?

Because it’s such a safe procedure, most men and women are considered candidates for a facial fat transfer.

It tends to be the ideal solution for individuals who want to look younger without a surgical facelift or dermal fillers.

The recovery

You can expect swelling and bruising at both the donor and target sites. These effects are usually mild and should disappear within a few days. The recovery period associated with a facial fat transfer is quite short. Most of our clients can return to their normal activities within a day or two.

The results

The results of your facial fat transfer will be visible immediately and should continue to improve as the swelling subsides. The outcome is also incredibly long-lasting. Although the specifics vary depending on the individual, many of our clients enjoy their beautiful facial fat transfer results for many years.

A facial fat transfer is a simple, all-natural way to restore your youthful appearance. To begin planning for your procedure, please contact our Del Mar or Coronado office today and schedule a consultation.

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