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A protruding abdomen as a result of weak abdominal muscles, weight gain or pregnancy is a condition that causes distress for many of our San Diego clients. This condition does not respond to diet or exercise, because the skin and underlying muscles have been stretched.

A remarkable procedure called the Tummy Tuck in San Diego and beyond has been designed to flatten a protruding belly by tightening the abdominal wall muscles and removing excess fatty tissue and skin.

Is a tummy tuck right for you?

A tummy tuck is not a substitute for weight loss. The objective of the surgery is to improve the contour of the body by flattening and tightening the abdomen.

The best tummy tuck candidates are La Jolla men and women who are at a normal weight, but feature weak abdominal muscles and excess skin and fat. Age, obesity and smoking habits are some of the factors Dr. Kouli considers when evaluating candidates for this procedure.

How to prepare for your tummy tuck

Prior to your tummy tuck in Del Mar, a complete medical history is taken to evaluate your general health. A careful examination is also conducted. Dr. Kouli will review realistic expectations with you. Photographs may be taken before and after surgery to evaluate the amount of improvement. The type of anesthesia to be used, the procedure, possible risks and complications, and prescribed medications will also be discussed.

Preoperative instructions may include the elimination of drugs that may result in excess bleeding, such as medications that contain aspirin. Antibiotics will be prescribed prior to surgery to prevent infection. You may also be advised to bathe with an antiseptic soap for several days prior to surgery.

After your tummy tuck

If drains are used, they will remain in place for 3 to 7 days until fluid levels decrease. The drains will be removed at a post-operative appointment.

Pain or discomfort from the surgery is controlled with oral medication. The garment will be worn for a period of four weeks.

During this time, our Coronado patients are advised to refrain from heavy lifting, straining or over-activity. Although patients are usually up and around the day of surgery, the cosmetic surgeon decides when normal activities may be resumed. This decision is based upon the extent of surgery and the patient’s progress. Bruising and swelling is normal around the treated area and should disappear within a few weeks. Scars from the procedure remain but will fade significantly in time.

Risks and complications

When you work with an experienced La Jolla cosmetic surgeon, complications are very rare. However, even the best cosmetic surgery procedure is not without risk. Your surgeon will discuss these with you at your consultation.

FAQ: Does insurance cover tummy tucks?

Most insurance companies do not pay for your Coronado tummy tuck if it is performed for cosmetic reasons. Some insurance companies will pay benefits if the patient has severe laxity of the abdominal wall with back pain and/or an umbilical or a ventral hernia. Each insurance carrier is different, and it is recommended that individuals check with their own agents to determine if there is coverage.

Tummy Tuck San Diego

Dr. Kouli is known for providing among the best tummy tuck experience available. If you’re ready to achieve a flat and fit abdomen, please contact our office today and schedule a consultation for arguably the best tummy tuck San Diego has to offer.

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